The magazine The New Yorker has traditionally been perceived as an insightful publication whose readers are intelligent. This intelligence is reflected in any product with the new yorker brand. 
Apart from possessing sharp intellect, The New Yorker readers also have liberal ideologies. 
With The New Yorker magazine it has become obvious that every message and medium chosen to advertise the brand should uphold the idea that readers of The New Yorker have that rarefied knowledge and cultural refinement that readers of other publications don't have. 
After analyzing the data, it can be established that The New Yorker should tap into its reputation of an insightful magazine. The New Yorker's loyal readers are very different from  those of any other publication. They like to stimulate their intellect by reading creative and rational articles. 
For this reason, The New Yorker should position itself as a magazine that offers: 
thoughtful entertainment.
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